What's your key metric for advertising success?

When it comes to Health Plan Marketing and Advertising, many executives covet high Response Rates (RR) and Click-Through Rates (CTR), with low Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Response (CPR) to measure advertising success.

Not to say that those metrics aren’t important to any well run campaign, but they don’t stack up to the one Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that counts above all others: Cost per Acquisition (CPA). It’s the essential metric for measuring the return on your investment.
It doesn’t matter how many clicks or views your message receives, if it’s not generating quality leads with high conversion rates, it’s not measuring up.

Case in point, Triad Group had a Medicare Health Plan client that had applauded their prior-year AEP response rates as telesales worked an endless overflow of inbound leads. Things soon got quiet as the lead-to-sales ratio proved less than celebratory. Salesmen were working overtime chasing leads that did not convert.

The next year they wanted to partner with an agency that understood the concept of outsmarting the competition, not outspending them. Triad used data-driven solutions to deliver the right message to the optimal target audience. It was a sound approach supported by decades of healthcare marketing experience.

The client called to congratulate us on generating fewer – but better leads – that freed their sales staff to improve interactions, conversions and overall CPA.

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